For 18 years, Reboot has gathered some of the best and brightest change-agents for conversations about Jewish identity and meaning.  This combined power of imagination and dialogue helps to turn big issues into transformative ideas. Now, Reboot is opening its doors to the public for the first time to amplify these vital voices and to bring in wider perspectives to inspire more wandering Jews to evolve today’s world. Reboot‘s Ideas Festival, March 26-29 in San Francisco, will be a deeply personal and communal exploration of the most pressing issues captivating the Jewish world and beyond. Through mainstages, panels, live performances and showcases, the Reboot Ideas Festival will take a candid look at contemporary challenges – social, spiritual and psychic – and through art, culture, and imagination will conjure new pathways to address them.

The Ideas Festival reflects Reboot’s role as a unique arts and culture nonprofit reimagining and reinforcing Jewish thought and traditions. It is a premier R&D platform for the Jewish world, with its Rebooter Network of preeminent creators, artists, entrepreneurs, and activists producing experiences and products that advance the Jewish conversation and strive to transform society.

All Reboot projects imagine Jewish ritual and tradition afresh, offering an inviting mix of discovery, experience and reflection through events, exhibitions, recordings, books, films, DIY activity toolkits and apps. These projects have engaged over a million participants and
continue to inspire Jewish connections and meaning by encouraging participants to become creators in their Jewish experience. The annual Reboot Summit convenes a diverse group of prominent Jewish change agents in an intellectually provocative environment that inspires them to discover new ways to engage with their Judaism.

Learn more about the Reboot Ideas Festival here.

This article was initially published here on the Jim Joseph Foundation’s website. The Jim Joseph Foundation is a funder of Reboot.