Groups Across North America Solve Challenges to Complete the Mission

Chicago, IL — How quickly can you solve different challenges to find the launch code and send SpaceIL’s lunar spacecraft to the Moon? That’s the question The iCenter for Israel Education is asking groups around the country in a unique Escape Room experience. As the clock counts down, participants learn about Israeli history, arts and culture, Jewish mysticism, STEM—and how to work as a team.

Over the past year, the room has traveled across North America, welcoming groups with people as young as 13-years-old, as well as educators, administrators, and lay leaders. “Escape rooms spark creativity, develop teamwork skills, and engage learners in new and different ways,” adds Dan Tatar, who runs escape rooms for The iCenter. “These immersive experiences activate problem solving skills, tap into curiosity—and are really fun!”

The iCenter, which serves as the North American educational partner for Space IL, has experimented with this approach to education for years. The SpaceIL escape room has been used with all kinds of audiences, from Jewish summer camp directors, educators and leaders at day schools, congregational schools, rabbinic programs, and teens and college students.

Participants describe the escape room as fun, challenging, exciting, team building, collaborative, and interesting.

“Israel’s mission to the moon captured the attention and inspired so many people,” adds Tatar. “The escape room taps into that excitement and builds on that special moment to create a really unique Israel experience.”

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