SpaceIL resources and staff webinars highlight 2019 offerings

Chicago, IL — The immersive environment of Jewish summer camp—where the day is full of diverse activities; staff members are young, accessible Jewish role models; and an increasing number of shlichim help shape the program—offers a unique opportunity for Israel learning and experiences. To support this, The iCenter for Israel Education shipped 80 of its all-new 2019 Camp Israel Resource Boxes to camp leaders and educators across the country in advance of summer sessions. The iCenter is offering multiple webinars for camp staff to demonstrate how the resources can be used throughout camp areas.

Sign up for a webinar at Additional webinars and resource boxes are available upon request.

The 2019 Camp Israel Resource Box includes materials and programs designed to help camp staff bring Israel to life throughout different areas of camp. The Box includes  new Israel Resource cards exploring themes already being touched upon at camp, such as Leadership, as well as mini-packs based on different areas of camp. These cards enable  easy integration of Israel learning experiences into existing programs and spaces at camp.

In addition to the cards, the Box includes hands-on resources related to Israel’s recent SpaceIL mission to the Moon. SpaceIL showed the power of Israel education to inspire and excite. These resources are designed to help camps carry that energy through the summer months.

“We’re working closely with camp leaders this year to make the most out of their environments and the resources we provide,” says Aliza Goodman of The iCenter. “Nearly every part of camp—from the kitchen, to the cabins, to the sports fields, and more—can be a platform for Israel engagement and learning.”