The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies has released several Passover resources on Elmad, their online learning center.

The Pedagogy of Processing Pesach

In this podcast “The Pedagogy of Processing Pesach” Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield is joined by PCJE Director Aviva Lauer Golbert, and PCJE’s Director of Digitial Content, Reuven Margett, who share texts, insights and the occasional joke, as they explore the deeper meaning of Pesac

The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators Interactive Seder Experience

והגדת לבנך – The Haggadah charges us with retelling the Pesach story to the next generation each and every year. Building off the dynamic and multisensory seder that the Rabbis already laid out for us, this collection of seder activities is designed to ensure that participants of all ages will find renewed delight, novel questions and joyful engagement at the Pesach seder.

Inspired Parenting Part 5: What makes this night different? Soulful ideas for seder night

What will seder night look like for you this year? What new insights, teachings or activities do you want to share at your table to make the experience of leaving mitzrayim come alive? Briefly touching upon many of the 15 steps of the Seder night we explore three aspects of our very own slavery and liberation – Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional.

Pardes’s Tovah Leah Nachmani together with Ayeka’s Dasee Berkowitz invite you to learn about their some of our most meaningful ideas they have used at their seders. They hope it can inspire your own!