Repair the World has created a roundup of resources that can be used during the seder. Outside the seder, these resources could be used in the classroom to teach the important values of giving and service and to connect them to the Passover story.

From the Repair the World website:

[box] Each year, we gather around the seder table to retell the story of the Exodus to reflect on an ongoing journey to freedom, and to connect past to present – from servitude to service. This year, as we reflect on what freedom means as a multiethnic, multiracial Jewish community, we will serve up new conversations at our tables and dedicate a moment in our seders to go from memory to action. #MySederServes

Check out our resources, haggadah inserts, and additions to your table to spark #MySederServes conversations at your seder. And, in the spirit of your seder, join us to turn your conversations around service into action for and with your community: volunteer.[/box]

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