The Wexner Foundation has more than 30 years of experience developing excellence in Jewish professionals and volunteer leaders in North America. To address the changing needs in the field of Jewish professional leadership, the Wexner Field Fellowship was created in 2013 in partnership with the Jim Joseph Foundation to focus on developing promising Jewish professionals’ leadership skills while enveloping them in a rich network of Jewish professionals. Wexner Field Fellows engage in a diverse, cohort-based leadership learning program. Through in-person, intensive conferences and virtual meetings, Wexner Field Fellows are exposed to Jewish educational and professional growth opportunities while addressing their unique needs of career and personal progress.

The Wexner Foundation is proud to announce its newest class of Wexner Field Fellows. Fellows were selected based on their past accomplishments, current motivation and engagement, and the exceptional attributes they will contribute to the cohort of 15 Jewish professionals of which they will be a part.


Having the opportunity through the Wexner Field Fellowship Institutes to learn in partnership with rising Jewish leaders from across North America has been invaluable to me. I have gained tremendous insights into my work, fresh perspectives and relationships that I expect will last a lifetime.
– Elana Wien (Class 2), Vice President, Center for Designed Philanthropy at the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

As part of this three-year intensive professional development program, Wexner Field Fellows:

  • Become part of a selective cohort of lifelong professional learners.
  • Learn with amazing leadership teachers and Jewish educators.
  • Receive one-on-one professional coaching and Jewish learning, along with access to funds toward customized professional development opportunities.
  • Become part of The Wexner Foundation’s network of 3,000 professional and volunteer leaders in the North American Jewish Community and in Israel.
  • Develop a nuanced appreciation for the diversity of the North American Jewish community.
  • Focus on developing strengths in adaptive leadership, storytelling, difficult conversations, negotiation and other crucial leadership skills.

One of the best of many exceptional components of the Wexner field fellowship has been my one on one study with a stellar Jewish educator…I have become more confident in the depth of my own Jewish knowledge and understanding, and have been able to apply this in my own professional work at JTS, training leaders who serve in senior roles within Jewish education.
– Mark Young (Class 1) Managing Director, Leadership Commons, The William Davidson School of JTS

The Wexner Foundation, also in partnership with the Foundation, invests in Field Fellows for the rest of their careers through continuing interaction and alumni programming, including annual Alumni Institutes and a Mentorship program. As with the first two cohorts of Field Fellows, members of Class 3 are all dynamic Jewish professionals at pivotal moments in their careers. Fellows work in Jewish federations, summer camps, advocacy and social justice organizations, day and supplementary schools, national organizations and Jewish social start-ups across North America.

By investing in exceptional early-to-mid-career professionals, the Wexner Field Fellowship will help its participants to use Jewish knowledge to enhance their work, to think strategically about projects from conception to implementation and to finetune their leadership skills and ability to be powerful change agents in the communities they serve. Investing in leadership excellence is an investment in a thriving Jewish world.

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