As I’ve written about in the past, while I love being an educator and consider it to be my most natural state of being, my ultimate dream is to be a lifelong student. I’m pretty good at finding outlets for my need to buy new school supplies and highlight things [see pursuing a doctorate…], but it’s never enough to satisfy the hunger pangs of the nerd within. So, I’m off on my next adventure – I’m heading to Limmud!

For the uninitiated, Limmud is a celebration of Jewish learning and culture, which is meant to bring together the breadth and depth of the Jewish community for a shared learning experience. It started in the UK nearly 40 years ago, and has since expanded to have worldwide reach, with local communities around the world using the Limmud model of volunteer-driven Jewish experiential education to impact their populations. I’m going to the conference for the first time, representing the DC community, which is looking to launch our own first Limmud conference in the next year.

But I’m also going to feed my soul. To at once be able to jump deep into my happy place and go to sessions that immediately draw me in, and to push out of my comfort zone and go to things that I’ve never heard of and am not necessarily naturally drawn to. To connect with other people who are opting to spend their vacation time choosing to immerse themselves in Jewish learning, culture, and togetherness, and to learn what that means for them. I’m so excited to share the experience with you, and to see what I can take to apply to my teaching + learning. As always when I travel, if you’re interested in real-time updates [most likely to be interspersed with dog photos], please follow me on Instagram @Sam_Vinokor. I look forward to sharing the journey, and if you’re going to be at Limmud, please reach out!

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