Matan presents the the newest Matan Institute Cohort. These talented educators kick off their year-long professional development experience with Matan, helping to ensure that their communities will be inclusive of all learners. Read more about the individuals in the cohort.>

Matan Institute participants are selected based on their commitment to increasing inclusion at their own programs, and their readiness to facilitate change within their organization. Each cohort engages in multiple in-person training days (35 hours) and on-line learning, and every participant works with a Matan mentor on specific inclusion goals for the entire length of the Institute (usually 10 months). Based at Matan’s offices in New York City or a specific geographic region, professionals from throughout North America participate. Each member of the cohort receives guides for including children with special needs in Jewish education, concrete teaching tools for reaching all students and a new network of like-minded Jewish professionals (fellow participants) with whom to engage on an ongoing basis. This is a one of a kind opportunity in the Jewish community.

Topics include:
Learning Styles and Differentiated Instruction
Inclusion in a Jewish Context
Communicating with Families and Family-Centered Care
Positive Behavior Supports and Task Analysis
Executive Functioning
Change Management Theory

Matan educates Jewish leaders, educators and communities, empowering them to create learning environments supportive of children with special needs, through training Institutes and consultations across North America. Matan regularly presents at national conferences and community¬-wide trainings. Highly trained members of our team are available for professional development at individual schools and camps.