MOFET Institute is pleased to invite you to the annual summer event of the International Channel, the International Online Forum of Hebrew Teachers as an Additional language, and the Channel for Peer Meetings at the Mofet Institute. This year’s event also includes two meetings, which will take place on Monday and Tuesday, July 9-10, 2018, at the Mofet Institute in Tel Aviv.

  • The first event, on Monday, July 9, will be devoted to research on teaching Hebrew.
  • The second event, on Tuesday, July 10, will focus on practice – programs, methods, and tools for teaching Hebrew

Call for proposals

The second event (Tuesday, July 10) will include short lectures and workshops:

  • Lecture – Presentation of a project, a tool, a pedagogical initiative in the practical field of teaching Hebrew as another language. The proposal will include the title of the lecture, a summary in a few sentences, a brief biography of the presenter and a recent photograph. Lecture duration: 30 minutes, including time for questions.
  • An interactive workshop – an operating framework and experience of participants in one or more of the practical aspects of the conference topics. The proposal will include the name of the workshop, the subject, a summary in a few sentences, the methods of operation and the necessary means, a brief biography of the presenter and a recent photograph. Duration of the workshop: 40 minutes, of which 25-20 minutes to present the subject and to activate the participants, and the rest for discussion and questions.

A professional committee will examine the proposals and select the most suitable for the framework of the conference.

Click here for more information and proposal submission.