Call for Materials: Soviet Jewry

The story of Soviet Jewry is one of bravery, solidarity, and the power of individuals to effect real change. The process of igniting Jewish identity in the USSR and of liberating the Jewish population was one of the most defining and unifying events of the last 50 years for the Jewish community, and yet there are few organized resources for teaching this period.

We are now embarking on a new project to create a free educational resource for Jewish educators around the world to keep the story of the Soviet Jews alive. In addition to creating a range of educational materials, we are seeking contributions by individual educators or organizations.

Submissions may include lesson plans, tool kits, project ideas, etc. dealing with Soviet Jewry that are appropriate for schools, camps, and youth groups. The collection will be housed on a standalone site and be freely available to educators.

Submissions may be sent to Note that submissions will include author’s name and be branded with your organization’s logo, if relevant.

Chana German, Director
Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy
The Lookstein Center
Bar-Ilan University