Mandel Center Day School Project is looking for a variety of documents.

As a former or current day school teacher, student, administrator, lay leader, or parent, have you saved material over the years that could shed light on your day school’s origins, its inner workings, and its external relations?

We are in the early stages of researching a book on the history of the day school movement in North America, and are looking for any of the following materials:

  • Yearbooks
  • School newspapers and newsletters
  • Graduation speeches
  • Newspaper clippings (e.g., articles, advertisements)
  • Curricula, sample lesson plans, exams, and projects—especially for Jewish studies subjects, integrated subjects, and Hebrew
  • Student work (e.g., compositions, essays, projects, reports) especially in Jewish studies classes, integrated subjects, or Hebrew
  • Report cards
  • Photographs
  • Digitized copies of videos and films documenting school events, such as siddur plays, graduation exercises, etc.
  • Board of trustees or committee minutes and reports
  • Classroom evaluations
  • School brochures and other marketing, development, and admissions collateral
  • Internal memos e.g. school policies, curricula, teacher evaluations, community relations, strategic initiatives, etc.
  • Statistical information e.g. enrollment, philanthropic giving, tuition, financial aid, etc.
  • Financial Reports
  • Letters and diaries about student and teacher experiences at day school

Privacy and confidentiality will be strictly protected. If you are willing to donate or lend us any of the above materials for our research, please fill out this form at and we will be in touch shortly. If you would like to know more about our project, please contact us at

Dr. Jonathan Krasner
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Associate Professor of Jewish Education Research
Brandeis University