Seven years ago, the Tikvah Fund created a new summer program at Yale University for high-school juniors and seniors from schools across North America. For two intensive weeks, The Tikvah Scholars program brings together passionate, thoughtful, wisdom-seeking Jewish students who believe that ideas matter, and that great ideas are essential to building a meaningful life and a strong Jewish future.

This year, in addition to our Tikvah Scholars Program we are running a new program in partnership with the Maimonides Fund which will begin in the summer of 2018. The Maimonides Scholars Program is geared towards Jewish public and private school students who are motivated to learn more about Jewish philosophy, culture and history. Students who will attend this two-week immersive summer institute come with a sparked passion to learn more about the intersection between their Judaism and the modern age. The program aims to flame that fire by offering courses with seminar leaders and lecturers who encourage dialogue and debate.

Both programs will highlight and discuss the challenges confronting the Jewish community in Israel, America and throughout the West. Recognizing that these students will face challenges to their Jewish commitments and their support of Israel when they enter college campuses, the program empowers them to be prepared to face this with enhanced knowledge and sophistication. By building an intellectual community, these students will have access to fellow students, their instructors and their Tikvah mentors who they can turn to as a resource in the future.

Lecturers and seminar leaders will include: Dr. Daniel Gordis; Dara Horn; Dr. Michael Doran; Dr. Ronna Burger; Dr. Samuel Gregg; Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter, Professor Michael (Avi) Helfand; Dr. Darren Staloff; Shuli Taubes; Rabbi Mark Gottlieb, and Kate Havard.

The program will take place from June 24 through July 8, 2018 at Yale University and is open to high school juniors and seniors. Applications will be accepted until Feb. 16. The total cost for the program is $400, which covers a portion of the actual costs for books, materials, and food. All other onsite program expenses, including housing, are fully subsidized by the program. Both merit and need-based financial aid is available.

For more information or to apply, public and private school students should visit, while Jewish day school students should visit
Contact: Kate Havard, Associate Director (310) 867-9286