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The JCC of Krakow, Poland is offering a weekly online video lesson in Polish (with English sub-titles).

New year, new name, new content, same awesome Pani Zosia! Introducing the Teach Us Torah, Pani Zosia! series (formerly known as What’s the Parsha, Pani Zosia?). Every week, we will learn a new lesson from the Torah with our favorite narrator Zofia Radzikowska. Pani Zosia is a Holocaust survivor and an integral part of the JCC. She sings in our choir, edits our community magazine, chills out in our Senior Club, studies Torah with Rabbi Avi, and shares her fascinating life story with visiting groups.

The focus of the series will be on the stories of women in the Torah, and we begin today with none other than Sarah and her maid Hagar.

If you want to learn more about Zofia, watch her testimony on YouTube (in English).