Matan is an organization that educates Jewish leaders, educators and communities, empowering them to create learning environments supportive of children with special needs, through training Institutes and consultations across North America. By advocating for the inclusion of diverse learners, Matan enables the Jewish community to realize the gift of every individual and fulfill its obligation to embrace all children regardless of learning challenges in every Jewish educational setting.

They offer a series of series free to all. Rabbi Ruti Regan, Matan’s Rabbinic Disability Scholar in Residence leads this series. Remember to register or request the recording in advance.

January 23: Created Disabled in God’s Image Part of Jewish disability awareness is bringing disability into the Torah conversation, and bringing the voices of Jews with disabilities to the table. We will explore disability Torah and questions worth asking as we raise awareness throughout February.

February 22: What’s So Funny About Disability? On Purim, we flip the script and laugh at the scary and the sacred. Everything is up for joking — including disability and inclusion. This webinar will address appropriate Purim disability humor — what’s absurd in our work towards inclusion? How do we keep our jokes respectful?

March 20: Including All Four Children at Your Seder On the seder night, Jewish people across the world gather to tell our story together. The Haggadah itself reminds us that we are all part of this conversation. Join us for text and tachlis (practical details) study as you prepare for Passover.