We are pleased to announce that the Leadership Commons of the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education at JTS, with generous support from Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah, is launching a fellowship program in educating for applied Jewish wisdom. The aim of the fellowship is to co-develop with leading practitioners exemplary educational models for connecting Jews with the wisdom of Jewish tradition to lead thriving ethical lives in today’s changing world.

Through retreats, webinars, action-research, writing, and on-going hevruta study, Fellows will enrich their theoretical and textual grounding in this area and enhance their work as practitioners. Fellows will learn together with expert faculty and share their own wisdom and experience. They will explore foundational questions of Jewish living: In what ways can the Jewish wisdom found in our sacred texts and commentaries guide us in leading a life well-lived? How may traditional Jewish practices (e.g., Shabbat, daily prayer, holiday celebrations, shmita observance) provide solace and guidance in today’s often harried and disconnected world? What are the best ways to educate the rising generations of Jews so that they can glean meaning, purpose, and even happiness from the Jewish tradition? How will all of these inspire and enable Jews to shape a better world that supports us all? How will we know when these goals are being achieved?

Successful applicants will be:
• Knowledgeable about the sources of Jewish wisdom
• Embedded in, or deeply connected to, fruitful sites of Jewish learning and Jewish learning-informed action (synagogues, schools, informal settings, independent projects)
• Focused on Jewish education designed to foster Jewishly grounded, thriving, ethical living
• As a group, the fellows will come from across denominations, various sectors, and throughout North America

Major program components include:
• Two multi-day retreats: mid-January 2018 and late spring / early summer 2018
• One multi-day conference: winter 2018/2019
• Monthly webinar meetings
• Reading and writing assignments and other preparation for discussion and presentations
• Using the Fellows’ educational work as a site of action-research and documentation
• Leading workshops at JTS and/or associated sites
• Producing exemplary models and actionable knowledge that helps others in the work of educating for applied Jewish wisdom
• Honorarium for Fellows

Apply today at form.jotform.us/72614371162148

For more information, contact wisdomfellowship@jtsa.edu. Applications are due on October 23, 2017.

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