By Deborah Fishman

This summer, AVI CHAI is once again sponsoring Jewish day school leaders to participate in the Art of Leadership (AOL) and Leadership: An Evolving Vision (LEV) programs of the Principals’ Center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

AOL participants completed the program the week of June 26, and LEV is taking place this week. A total of 36 leaders from across the US and Canada were chosen for the two cohorts.

In addition to learning from educational experts throughthe Harvard program, AVI CHAI participants benefit from being a part of the cohort specifically of Jewish day school leaders. Jonathan Cannon and Alanna Kotler from Educannon Consulting are facilitating evening sessions where leaders process the general learning and its application to the Jewish day school setting, with its particular challenges and opportunities. Each AVI CHAI participant also embarks on a project at his or her day school which will apply Harvard learning to some aspect of the school’s Judaic mission.

In this clip, Lee-Ron Kaye of the Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto discusses her impressions of her time at the AOL program:

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This article is reprinted from the AVICHAI Foundation Blog with permission.