The Hebrew Academy is introducing a weekly elective course in Entrepreneurship in both the Middle and High School with the aim to bring it to the elementary division in the future. The course, Entrepreneurship for Kids (EFK), was developed by Galit Zamler, an Israeli expert in Entrepreneurship education. To date, the course has been implemented in over 40 schools throughout Israel. This marks the first time that the course is being brought to the US.

Rabbi Avi Bossewitch, Dean of Academics and Innovation, who created the partnership, commented, “Entrepreneurship education is an emerging trend across the world. Israel, a global leader in entrepreneurship and innovation, has also been a leader in entrepreneurship education. We are thrilled to partner with EFK in bringing this program to the Hebrew Academy”.

I am proud that Entrepreneurship for Kids Program will be implemented in the United States, especially in a Jewish school.

Entrepreneurship education empowers students and encourages them to progress and succeed in areas that are interesting and appealing them.

As in Israel, the students of the Hebrew Academy will learn a professional entrepreneurial knowledge at a high level, and will acquire practical skills just like adult entrepreneurs. The students will develop projects based on their own ideas, what makes learning interesting and relevant to each student.

As part of the EFK program, students learn about the traits of entrepreneurs, how to identify opportunities, create a `plan, and execute ideas to achieve their goals. They learn how to collect and analyze relevant information, and how to present their findings to their peers, which in turn helps develop important social skills that will help them throughout their life.

“Entrepreneurship education fosters risk-taking, failure, persistence, and critical thinking, which are all vital skills in today’s world,” said Rabbi Bossewitch. “Entering our 70th year, Hebrew Academy continues to embody the innovative and trailblazing spirit that it has been known for since its inception.”

This program fits within a broader newly developed school-wide initiative entitled “Go the Extra MILE”. MILE is an acronym for Makers, Innovators, Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

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