This survey of college-aged Nativ alumni was designed to gather quantitative information regarding their implementation of the program’s goals during their college years.

Overall, college-aged Bogrei Nativ (Nativ alumni) continue to implement the values and skills that they developed while on the Nativ College Leadership Program.

Through intense Jewish learning and exploration of the culture, people, and land of Israel, The Nativ College Leadership Program in Israel of USCJ aims to strengthen the future leadership of Conservative Judaism by guiding Jewish young adults through a yearlong process self-discovery.

Nativers are challenged to engage with some of the most complex issues facing Judaism and Israel – both today and throughout history – with two main goals; to develop the necessary tools for leading independent, meaningful Jewish adult lives, and to know how to use these tools to serve both the Conservative Movement and the greater Jewish community.

By the end of the year, each and every Nativ participant is expected to leave the program with a much deeper knowledge base, passion for continued Jewish education and learning, motivation to serve their own Jewish communities at home, and a yearning to engage with and be engaged by the people of Israel.

Survey Designed and Collected by Yossi Garr,
Analyzed and Reported by Yossi Garr and Davida Vogel

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