Ji’s One Minute Wonders! was launched in the UK at the London School of Jewish Studies Jewish teacher conference this past January, and is only in its infant stages. One Minute Wonders was created to give teachers the opportunity to share their outstanding ideas via video, so that all of you dedicated educators out there can benefit from each others’ strengths and talents.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Youtube styled website, where you could watch one-minute videos from like-minded teachers from around the world, to give you some inspiration? Throughout our work with schools around the world, we saw lots of great practice going on and thought – wouldn’t it be great if we could share the inspiration? Teachers very often end up working in isolation, and sometimes a simple idea can make such a difference to good practice. We are not just focusing on technology – any simple idea can make a difference, and now that we have the right tools in smartphones and websites, we can share these ideas effectively.

Imagine, you are planning your week ahead and you’re searching for something more innovative, or it’s recess and you are 10 minutes from your next Parasha or Ivrit lesson and could do with a great starter. You log onto One Minute Wonders and find 30 teachers who have already shared ideas on the very subject you are working on!

Just a quick look on the One Minute Wonders site could provide you with just the thing you are looking for.

Check out these examples:


Join this powerful initiative and connect, share with and inspire teachers, from all around the globe.

Ideas can include: Assemblies/ceremonies, Chagim, Chumash, Classroom management, Dinim, Gemarah, Halacha, Hebrew reading, Ivrit, Israel studies, Jewish history, Middot/s, Mishna, Navi, Parsha, Reward schemes, Technology resources, Tefillah

To join us and make your own video just send in your OMW with a short description to
jewishinteractiveomw@gmail.com or join our OMW Whatsapp group +447491 859636