At the annual Joint Conference on Research in Jewish Education, the Network for Research in Jewish Education and the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry, held recently at Townson University Joshua Gutoff of Gratz College was recipient of the NRJE Research Award for his paper entitled, “A Framework for a Moral-Imaginative Pedagogy of Talmudic Narratives.” Joshua also presented a version of this for ELI Talks

The article was published in the Journal for Jewish Education in September 2015

Abstract: This article proposes a theoretical framework for understanding the possibility of Talmudic stories (as well as other narratives and scenes of interactions among two or more characters) to nurture the growth of the moral imagination as it is expressed in two related but distinct ways. At the intersection of work by educators, literary critics, and Talmudists, the approach suggested in this article offers a foundation for a Talmud pedagogy that provides a sophisticated, nuanced, and morally imaginative engagement with the text that is not restricted to technically or linguistically advanced students, and is independent of the subject matter of the text and other curricular goals.

The complete paper is available at