By Deborah Fishman

We are pleased to announce the release of a new case study on the adoption of online/blended learning in Jewish day schools. “Zafon Elementary School: Growing the Station-Rotation Model in Year 3,” is available here. This is the second case study to document “Zafon,” an Orthodox, pre-K through 2nd grade school, which opened in 2012 with blended learning as a core element of its design. The prior study, released in January 2015, is available here.

Conducted by Dr. Leslie Santee Siskin of New York University with Daniel Loewenstein, the new case study examines the shift from building a new school to one that is growing larger and older. In Year 3, the focus was on establishing the infrastructure and school culture; the case also looks forward to anticipated challenges in Year 4 (2015-16) around changes in moving to a new building and reconfiguring the school’s administrative structure.

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