High Holiday Inclusion Guide

From Jewish Community Inclusion Expert Shelly Christensen comes a new guide to guide your congregation on an inclusive High Holidays experience. Learn what you can do to welcome people with disabilities and those who love them. You’ll discover ways to engage people in the beauty of high holiday worship, traditions and customs. The High Holiday Inclusive Congregations Guide provides practical ideas to incorporate inclusion of people with disabilities into your High Holiday rituals, services and celebrations. While we always want to do the right thing, sometimes we need a little guidance, some creativity and resources to ensure that we are doing that right thing!

Make 5778 the year of Inclusion … where all people know that they belong!

Click here to access the Guide.

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  • As someone with a disability, my message to Jewish leadership—lay and professional—is: High Holiday inclusion needs to be the model and reflection of year-round inclusion, not a seasonal activity. If it’s only a once-a-year effort, don’t bother.

    If year-round you will be blocking ramps, excluding those with disabilities from aliyot because asking if they want one or need accommodation makes you uncomfortable, avoiding greeting and interacting with disabled members and visitors, etc. please don’t go out of your way to include us once a year.

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