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Interactive Seder Experience

והגדת לבנך – The Haggadah charges us with retelling the Pesach story to the next generation each and every year. Building off the dynamic and multisensory seder that the Rabbis already laid out for us, this collection of seder activities is designed to ensure that participants of all ages will find renewed delight, novel questions and joyful engagement at the Pesach seder.

Our intention, of course, is that you choose the activities that best suit your seder participants, modifying and improvising as you go. While you might choose one activity – or several – from this collection, we anticipate that it will make the evening memorable for your family, friends and guests. We hope that our compilation brings both thoughtful introspection and light-hearted discussion to your seder table this year.

The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators, which trains and empowers Jewish studies teachers and experiential Jewish educators to serve as knowledgeable, skilled, reflective and passionate professionals, was delighted to call upon our faculty and alumni to contribute to this collection. From our family to yours – חג שמח!

You can download and print the companion in full color or black and white, suitable for A4 paper or US letter size on the Pardes website.

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