Songleading at Sports Camp

By Jacob

There’s nothing quite like having the title of Song Leader at a sports camp. Despite having a history as an athlete, I knew that my first summer at 6 Points would be a little bit of a culture shock. I love sports, but music is my primary passion and I was well aware that the campers here would probably speak a different language than I did, at least when it came to talking about their favorite teams and players. What I did not expect was how open and receptive all of our 6 Points campers have been to learning and participating in new musical experiences. I am impressed every day by their capacity to grow, on and off the field.

I believe that the mark of a coachable athlete is the ability to take instruction or feedback and apply it immediately. I see this with our campers every day. A quick suggestion from a coach when it comes to footwork, focus, or any immeasurable sport specific movement usually results in instant improvement. It has been my absolute privilege to realize that our kids can also be coached through music.

A 6 Points camper is here because they want to succeed. We are designed to help them improve in the limited time we have with each child, but the fact of the matter is that the children have the internal drive to seek it for themselves. The desire to excel in not just their sport, but in every aspect of camp (music being my personal offering), carries over into mifkad boker, our morning circle, song sessions, and Shabbat t’fillot (our prayer services)

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