By The Rashi School

In a recent article, The Wall Street Journal welcomed Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm, Una Osili, and Alison Powell, all experts in philanthropy, to discuss methods and benefits of teaching your child philanthropic behavior from a young age. We couldn’t agree more. At The Rashi School, the Boston Area Reform Jewish K-8 Independent School, philanthropy and the charitable activities that accompany it are core to our mission.

The Rashi School is the only independent school that employs a full-time Social Justice Coordinator—”the Peace Teacher,” as our Kindergarteners lovingly call her. Rashi’s social justice curriculum connects intimately to other key character development goals of a Rashi education, including democratic leadership, citizenship, critical thinking, and awareness of the diverse social forces in our world. Social justice is integrated into every appropriate aspect of the curriculum as well as activities in the broader school community. We constantly seek, identify, explore and highlight acts of social justice that occur around us. Most importantly, we model social justice every day in interactions with one another as students, teachers, peers, colleagues, and friends.

The social justice coordinator is responsible for organizing a highlight of the Rashi school year—a three-week-long, school-wide philanthropy project called Rashi Purim Tamchui.

Purim Tamchui engages students in meaningful social justice learning and action and helps them recognize themselves as educated and empathetic young philanthropists. The project introduces five age-appropriate charitable organizations to our students over the course of two weeks.

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