The famous Kiryat Yovel monster slide

Residents of the controversial Kiryat Yovel neighborhood of the capital have announced they are opening a private school for the coming school year as they are tired of their children having to travel to a different neighborhood to attend a chareidi school.

The problem stems from the reality that over the past decade, the community is becoming increasingly chareidi and the veteran secular residents are fighting to prevent the continuing trend. Jerusalem Councilman (Shas) Tzvika Cohen explained to Kol Chai Radio on Sunday morning 3 Menachem Av “one must understand. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat was backed and elected with certain understandings, one being a commitment not to open a chareidi school in Kiryat Yovel”. Cohen explains for as long as a chareidi mayor was not elected, the chareidi tzibur must understand certain realities exist and this is included in that group. Cohen holds the city’s chareidi education portfolio.

At present, the climate in the community among the significant chareidi tzibur is that the school is going to be opened “at all costs” and they are willing to go to war over the matter – simply fed up with having to bus their children.

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