By Steve Freedman

Much has been written about how technology is changing the face of education and will continue to do so at an increasingly rapid rate.  There are those who believe that online learning and advanced educational software will push the current system to the tipping point; if so, will education continue to require well-trained teachers (who deserve decent wages)?

Some would argue that the teacher will morph into a guide or an assistant who keeps students on track as more personal and engaging learning takes place in front of the screen. This approach will require fewer teachers who require less expertise.  More children can occupy the same space, cutting personnel costs.

Do you remember when experts thought televisions would radicalize education, or that the computer would replace the teacher? This is not new.

Even if online learning and advanced software change the face of education for the better, I am certain, that no matter the advances or changes, well-qualified, fairly compensated professional teachers will always be at the center of excellent schools.

Technology is a means to an end, not the end itself. It is one of many tools that has the power to engage, influence and inspire learning in our children.  No matter the tool or technique, behind it all will always be the teacher.

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