At JCC Association’s Professional Conference in 2013, Mark Horowitz , JCC Association’s vice president of early childhood education and family engagement, introduced the Sheva framework for early childhood education. And at JCC Association’s Executive Leadership Seminar in February, it felt like history was repeating itself–with a twist.

Horowitz shared his expanded vision for the future, building on the foundation of the Sheva framework, which is evolving into the new Sheva Center: Innovation in Early Childhood Jewish Education and Engagement.

“When I first started at JCC Association, I spent a lot of time visiting JCCs and I realized that we needed to find a way that JCCs could have a unified voice of early childhood education…that we could be loud, that we could be proud and that we could make a difference,” Horowitz said.

His first goal was to figure out in what way JCCs could have a standard and an understanding of excellence in early childhood education and not be the same. The challenge was quantifying and defining the idea of excellence.

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