By Cyd Weissman

“What do you know that the rest of us don’t?”

This is the question I am posing to today’s halutzim—the pioneers who are reshaping the Jewish landscape to more effectively nurture the generations. I’m differentiating the practice of leading game changers and status quo leaders. In each interview with a pioneer, I hear a tool, an assumption, or a virtue that I’m certain is not in general use in the Jewish community. This week, on a call to Jerusalem, I discovered someone is way ahead of me on this quest.

Dr. Jonathan (Yonatan) Mirvis, a senior lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has already interviewed 80 educational entrepreneurs. Building on their insights, along with a decade he has spent researching and teaching the topic, Jonathan has created a new conceptual framework that he believes will have crucial implications for Jewish educators, funders and lay leaders. This framework will be published in a book titled “It’s OUR Challenge; A Social Entrepreneurial Approach to Jewish Education.”

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